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Tuesday, Oct 4
Riga Economic & Business Forum 2016 - already next month on Nove
Riga Economic and Business Forum is unique as its main aim is to gather strongest individuals who truly care about the welfare, growth, and development of their home countries, and form a strong voice that can influence the current system.

This forum is organized by the Alumni Association of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga), who is the leading business school in the Nordic/Baltic region. Its more than 2000 alumni are the prime executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs and finance and economics specialists in the region, many of whom have later on obtained their master’s or doctor’s degree in some of the most prestigious schools in the world, such as Harvard Business School and London Business School.

Get more information, register and buy tickets at REBF homepage
Sunday, Mar 13
SSE Riga Alumni Association General Meeting on the 17th of March
The day of the next elections is approaching, so SAVE THE DATE – the 17th of March. We’ll meet you in Soros auditorium at 18.30 to review AA activities of the last two years and present you a dream team running for the next term:
Zane Čulkstēna
Māris Simanovičs
Jānis Teteris
Taavi Einaste
Tīna Kukka

Those who can't join us in person will be able to participate via live broadcast ( and vote online. 

Yours truly,
2014-2016 AA Board
Wednesday, Feb 10
Summer Symposium - the dates are changed
Save the date! SUMMER SYMPOSIUM, the largest sports event of the year, takes place now on May 21-22 (Saturday-Sunday) this year. More information will be sent out soon. For all and any questions, please get in touch with Artjoms Ogorodņiks, current Sports Committee Chairperson -
Friday, Nov 27
Left-over Soros Chairs Up For Grabs!
When we counted the chairs after Soros Renovation (THANK YOU ALUMNI!), we couldn't believe our eyes. Turns out, there are not one, not two but a whole ELEVEN chairs that do not have a brass plaque with your name on it. This Christmas we will auction the remaining 11 Soros chairs so don't miss your chance! Rules of this charity auction are:

* Online platform for the auction - AA Facebook page 
* Auction will kick off on Monday, November 30, and each chair will be auctioned for 2 working days.
* You can place your bids in the comments to the according auction publication on FB. 
* You can bid anonymously by sending a FB message to AA or emailing
* The starting price for a chair is 200 EUR.
* The bidding closes the moment the FB publication for the next chair goes live. We will contact the winning bidder via FB and/or email, and the bid amount is to be paid within 2 working days via bank transfer to AA.
* The winner will be able to choose a specific chair (they are all in the top three rows in Soros) on a first paid, first served basis.
* The proceedings from the auctions will go towards the new co-working space SSE Riga and to support our alumni Max Fjodorov in fighting his disease (   

So, let the Game of Soros Chairs begin! Should you like to make your traditional Christmas donation for the AA scholarship or to the AA Endowment fund, please do not hesitate to do it via

We really appreciate your support!

AA Board 2014-2016

PS: The message on the chair plaque is subject to approval by AA Board.
Tuesday, Oct 20
Participate in Alumni-Student Mentoring Program 2015-2016!
The Student Association of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga invites you to participate in Alumni-Student Mentoring Program 2015-2016! The program was launched in order to strengthen cross generation community of SSE Riga as well as to provide current students with incredible opportunity to receive advice and support from experienced alumni of SSE Riga.

In the framework of the program, each student will be able to choose a mentor among alumni of SSE Riga who has experience in the industry he/she is passionate about. After receiving the contact information on chosen mentors, students will get in touch with alumni in order to make the first appointment that should take place in November. The meeting can be either face-to-face or via Skype. The duration of the program is 6 months and mentors are encouraged to arrange at least one meeting per month at the time agreed by both parties.  

The program has already received positive feedback and approval from graduates who participated in it previously. Alumni of the school found the program valuable as it helped them to gain an insight into nowadays students’ challenges as well as enabled flow of ideas and transformation of knowledge from mentor to mentee.

If you are interested in the program and want to become a mentor for one or several students of SSE Riga, please, fill in this form ( ) till Friday, October 23, 18:00. And you will find out who your mentee is in the first days of November! 
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Sunday, May 17
Save the Date - Bottomline SSE Riga Summer Symposium 2015!
Save the Date - Bottomline SSE Riga Summer Symposium 2015!
September 12th – 13th in leisure complex Mežrozes!
Tuesday, Mar 24
”Fireside chat” with Professor Örjan Sölvell from SSE Stockholm
A message from Anders Paalzow:

Dear Alumni,

I have the pleasure of inviting you to a ”fireside chat” with Professor Örjan Sölvell from SSE Stockholm. During this informal event Örjan will present the SSE offerings in terms of M.Sc. studies. Being Director of the Center for Strategy and Competitiveness at SSE ( ) and affiliated with the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School. Örjan will also give an update on the recent developments in the field of Strategy and Competitiveness.

The event will take place on March 26, at 16.00 and will last for about one hour. Refreshments will be served. Since the number of places is limited, please register by March 25.
Information about the venue will be sent to those that have registered.


Looking forward to welcoming you next Wednesday!

Anders Paalzow
Rector, SSE Riga
Thursday, Dec 4
Christmas Donation Drive
We hope that the positive HoCo charge still keeps your batteries running. We also hope that these batteries will last at least until Christmas! And what if here (because where else?) and now (because when else?), we talk some Christmas donation business?

At first, let us recap: most probably you have heard that last year, we have beaten Stanford in Alumni participation rate (35% of alumni donated EUR 140 000 in total. Impressive, huh?). You might even have befriended our trustworthy soldier Hardy Rock on Facebook ( And yet there is still one area in which Stanford beats us, the economists. The financiers. The investors. Beats our Hardy Rock! Can you guess it? 

We've spent all except EUR 40 000 of the money donated the same year, whereas Stanford invested their donations through their Endowment Fund, and at the reported return of 12.1% p.a. in 2013 generated EUR 16 940 in proceeds. Such proceeds would ensure us with almost five full lifelong scholarships in our Alma Mater! Now this is even more impressive, huh? This is precisely where Hardy becomes unrestful; he is back for the BIG fight of not failing in financial economics! Was it 35% who usually pass with the first attempt?

Realizing how powerful SSE Riga alumni are when they act together, realizing how important it is to secure lifelong financial stability, realizing that we ought to take full ownership and responsibility for the growth and development of our School, we are introducing you to… (drum beat)… the SSE Riga Alumni Endowment Fund with the 5-years donation target of EUR 1 500 000. Short introduction to more detailed Endowment Fund goals here >>>

Being the first Alumni Endowment Fund in the geography that our School currently covers, we are convinced that this launch is going to mark a huge leap forward in the development of our Alumni Network as an organization that really makes the difference. Each Euro of your donation is going to make a lifelong contribution through reinvestment; each Euro of your donation will serve generations to come; each Euro of your donation will bring us a step closer to the best in the Baltics, tuition-free school. And it all starts NOW! (now as a link to ‘donate’) If that is not a reason – then we probably don’t know what the reason is. 

This time, can we call it LIFELONG INVESTMENT CAMPAIGN?

A few more facts and figures for those who are still reading: for the start, we have put aside for the Fund EUR 40 000 that were kept intact from the previous campaigns, and set the first target for the Endowment Fund to double with your contributions by the end of this year. Ambitious and crazy? Only EUR 25 contribution per alumni might prove us wrong!

Let’ s start the fun! The race is on and it is only up to us to win it.

See you soon!
Yours AA Board 2014 in cooperation with Mr. Hardy Rock

P.S.: We’re inviting everyone with the expertise in the legal and finance area to join the work-group for the Fund. Meanwhile, the endowment is gathered and is untouched. More details here >>>
Tuesday, Oct 7
Come home on November 7th and 8th!
This is the right time to mark the 7th and 8th of November in your calendars - this year SSE Riga is turning 20, so the Home Coming event is definitely not to be missed! Follow the news on the official Alumni facebook page.
Monday, Sep 29
SSE Riga ahoy! 
You are kindly invited to SSE Riga Boat Party "Hello, Stockholm!" 2014 that will take place in October 16 - 18th! More news on the official Alumni facebook page.
Friday, Jun 27
Dates and Place for Summer Symposium Announced
Book the dates for Summer Symposium in your calendar now!

SSE Riga Student Association has announced that the event will take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 13 and 14, in the leisure complex Mežrozes near Cēsis.

For more information about the place look here:
Further information about the event will follow.
Don't forget to get in touch with your teammates soon!
Thursday, Mar 13
Alumni Association's General Meeting & Board Elections 2014
We are glad to invite you to the Alumni Association's General Meeting & Board Elections on Thursday, March 27 at 18.30 at Soros Auditorium!

It's time for the current board to share their stories and for you to welcome a new one - SSE Riga Alumni Association Board 2014-2016! Working at AA Board is rewarding, valuable and fun experience and we wish best of luck for all candidates!

Agenda for the General Meeting:
>>> Report from the current AA Board
>>> New Board candidate presentation
>>> Voting & announcement of the results

We would really like to see you!

For the substantial part of our alumni community currently not in Riga we have organized live video webcast and voting online. More information to follow soon.
Thursday, Feb 13
Winter Symposium 2014
It is time to have some fun! You are invited to the Winter Symposium`14 - the traditional winter sports game competition at SSE Riga, where old traditions are combined with a lot of fun.

• March 1st- 2nd , 2014
Žagarkalns, ~95km from Riga.
Mežrozes, ~15km from Žagarkalns.

Detailed information regarding teams, competition, schedule, registration and participation fees can be found here.
If there are any questions, feel free to contact SA at

See you there!
Saturday, Nov 2
SSE Riga hoodies
We are glad to announce that Student Association in cooperation with our alumni and clothing company Purus are launching the production of new high-quality hoodies with SSE Riga logotype. These could be a nice addition to your wardrobe!

Picture made using Photoshop.

The price is 32LVL. If you are interested, please, place your order by writing your name in the list and making a bank transfer to the SA bank account till November 12. Contact Kipras ( for any questions.

SA details:
Rīgas Ekonomikas Augstskolas Studentu Asociācija
LV 40008009633
Strēlnieku iela 4a, Rīga, LV-1010
HABALV22 LV28HABA000140J031719
Saturday, Nov 2
Where to stay during the Homecoming?
You are welcome to stay at one of the 2 hotels close to SSE Riga during the Homecoming 2013 for a special price:

Albert Hotel. Price per single – € 51, per double – € 57.
To make a reservation – please call 371 67142746 or write to:
Detailed offer

PK Riga Hotel. Price per single – € 50, per double – € 55.
To make a reservation – please call 371 67631807 or write to: Girts,
Detailed offer

Don’t forget to mention that you are from the SSE Riga team!
Friday, Nov 1
Mentoru Klubs ielūdz!
Mentoru Klubs ielūdz Jūs uz pasākumiem Homecoming 2013 ietvaros 8. un 9. novembrī.

8. novembrī, no pl.17.30:
- uzzināsiet, ko ir atklājis Arnis Sauka grāmatā Latvijas Uzņēmēju Stāsti
- piedalīsimies mentoringa sesijā ar mentorējamo uzņēmumu Ku Kuu
- dalīsimies pieredzē par tendencēm mentoringā un biznesa modeļa izmantošanu mentoringā
- dosimies uz kopīgu kokteili viesnīcā Alberts

Reģistrēties: šeit

9. novembrī 22.00 - 23.00
Iepazīstināsim ar Mentoru Klubu potenciālos mentorus! Vēlamies paplašināt mūsu kopējo Mentoru Kluba pieredzi un mūsu tīklošanās iespējas!

Arī Jūs esat aicināti piesaistīt jaunus mentorus Mentoru Klubam, nosūtot CV/ Linked In linku uz

Vairāk par Mentoru Klubu: šeit
Monday, Oct 28
Balticlab 2.0 wants to boost your network!
Balticlab 2.0 is a new follow-up to its pilot initiative by the Council of the Baltic Sea States and the Swedish Institute, which launched in Stockholm in December 2012. The aim of Balticlab 2.0 is to bring young creative minds from the Baltic Sea region together into once space to explore new perspectives and sources of inspiration in the region. By providing opportunities for interdisciplinary talented individuals to network and come up with joint collaborations in the region, organizers aim to support their personal development as well as see their increased engagement in improving the region.

Balticlab 2.0 will kick off with a Networking Weekend in Stockholm on December 13-15, 2013 and will be followed by another round of Balticlab Project Development Programme from February to May 2014 with a smaller selected group from the Balticlab 2.0 Networking Weekend. Organizers' goal is to make the Balticlab Network grow and develop year by year. Hence they will be opening the call up to more countries this year: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden.

Balticlab 2.0 team is very excited to include Baltic participants this year and is looking for 23-33 year old Baltic artists, entrepreneurs and creative professionals to join them. Would you be able to spread the message amongst your network and stakeholders? The programme is paid for by the organizers and the deadline for applications is November 8.

See more and join the Balticlab experience here and follow on Twitter&Facebook
Thursday, Oct 24
Homecoming 2013
Join us for the annual SSE Riga Homecoming on November 8-9!

On Friday we encourage you to attend:

> SSE Riga Student Research Papers conference at W-32, 15.00-17.00

> SSE Riga Mentoru Klubs event at Room 407, 17.00-21.00

> Student Association Presidents Dinner Clarion Collection Hotel Valdemārs, 19.00-21.00

> Welcome Cocktail for Alumni Albert Hotel Star Lounge, 21.00

On Saturday you are invited to:

> Change on Stage – alumni experience stories at Soros Auditorium, 15.00-17.30

> SSE Riga Choir Concert at Jāzeps Mediņš 1st Music School of Riga, 18.00-19.30

> Debate Alumni Reunion at Room 303, 18.00-22.00 starting with lunch in Burga at 15.00

> EMBA Alumni; SSE Riga Staff and Faculty on 6th floor, 19.30

> Rector’s Welcome and Alumni Scholarship Awards Ceremony at Soros Auditorium, 21.30

The HoCo'13 party will start at 22.00 in School premises, however, at the same time Mentoru klubs will welcome their new members at Room 307 and SSE Riga staff and faculty will meet Alumni on the 2nd floor.

It is all set for an amazing weekend! See you soon!
Monday, Sep 2
Bottomline Summer Symposium
Bottomline Summer Symposium 2013 will take place on September 14–15 in Mezrozes!

09.00 - 10.00
Arriving & registration
10.00 - ...

Summer Symposium is and has always been the main sports event and a great tradition in SSE Riga community that gathers up the most active of alumni, students and faculty.

As usually, teams will compete in various games and all participants are more than welcome to stay for the night and enjoy the party afterwards. Get your friends and school mates involved and prepare for an amazing week-end!

In order to participate you should form a team with up to 30 people and sign-up by fulfilling the Team Sheet. All information about the fees is included there. The captain of the team should make a payment for the whole team at once. The deadline is September 9.

Find Summer Symposium rules here, form a team, sign-up and see you on September 14! Let`s see who are the best!

In case you have any questions or would like to know more, ask Markus, Sports Committee Chairperson of Student Association, at
Monday, Jul 8
Summer Symposium
Sports Committee of the Student Association has announced the date and place.

Summer Symposium 2013 will take place on 14th – 15th September in Mezrozes, near Cesis.

More information will follow, however, book the dates already now!
Monday, Jul 1
Žybartas Gineitis (1989-2013)
With great sadness, we received the news that on June 25, Žybartas Gineitis, Class of 2012, passed away. In the SSE Riga community, Žybartas will be remembered as an engaged student and later alumnus who actively contributed to what one would call the SSE Riga spirit. Being a multi-talented individual with talents ranging from strong academic skills to music and debating, he gladly shared his talents with the SSE Riga community, first as a student and then as an alumnus.

Even though it is with regret that we realize we will no longer be able to share the enthusiasm of Žybartas, it is with joy that we look back on how he made SSE Riga a better place. His contributions have left a long-lasting impression on the SSE Riga community.

On a day like this our thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends, who have lost a beloved son, relative and friend. SSE Riga has lost one of its sons and a person who made a difference.

Anders Paalzow
Tuesday, May 28
SSE Riga Ice-hockey game: Alumni vs. Students
SSE Riga ice-hockey game is a great opportunity to engage with your former schoolmates and current students, while taking part in an exciting competition. The game will take place on June 7th 18 PM in Volvo Sports Centre near Riga (Jurmalas gatve 78d). Will alumni beat students this year as well?

In order to participate in the game please send an e-mail to:
- Kristers Kalnins ( or
- Andris Ontuzans (
Registrate until June 4th!

The participation fee will be around 10Ls and it includes the field, referees and goals. The equipment is not included, however there is an opportunity to rent it.

Spectators are more than welcome to cheer the team!

In case you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Kristers or Andris.

Show students how to play!
Tuesday, May 28
Message from Marina Pavlova
Dear alumni,

My name is Marina Pavlova (graduate of 1998) and I am currently preparing for the Human Resource Management course that will take place at SSER from 26ht of August till 20th of September. My intention is to design the course from the managers’ perspective, in order to provide SSER students with knowledge and skills that are relevant for everyone in managerial positions (not only HR managers). I would also like to illustrate the impact of HRM on business through many examples from different organizations.

For this purpose I need your help. I would appreciate very much to get a message from those, who work as managers or run their own companies, or work in the HRM field, and who have a story about HRM that you would like to share with a new generation of SSER students. There are different possibilities to get involved from coming to the school as a guest speaker to challenging students in online discussions. Perhaps we can have a panel discussion with some of you and short video interviews with those, who are not in Latvia or cannot come to the school. I am open to your ideas and suggestions.

I will be waiting for your replies. Let’s make HRM course a valuable experience for students!

With best regards,

HRM course director at SSER
+371 26459494
Friday, May 17
SSE Riga Alumni Get-Together! event in Vilnius
On May 10th SSE Riga Lithuanian Alumni Network invited every SSE Riga alumni, residing in Lithuania or living abroad, to join the informal Get-Together! event in Vilnius. Among the special guests there were SSE Riga staff members – Gita Grinberga, Evita Lukina, Karlis Kreslins and Hakan Lyckeborg.

The event was a success, attracting more than 70 attendees from almost all graduating classes since 1997.
Alumni had a chance to hear what is happening at SSE Riga, what activities they can contribute to, refresh their memory on the development of the school, get a brief summary of Lithuanian Alumni Network activities for the past year and, of course, meet the good old school fellows of all generations.

Photo Gallery

SSE Riga Lithuanian Alumni Network was founded in 2003 with the purpose to connect SSE Riga graduates from Lithuania or based in Lithuania and form a vivid network for information sharing and establishment of communication among different alumni generations. The organization maintains close relationship with SSE Riga, collects donations to support current students and organizes various local events. Lithuanian Alumni Network is part of the SSE Riga Alumni Association.
Thursday, May 2
Library-Alumni meeting on May 15
You are cordially invited to join the Library-Alumni meeting on May 15, at 12:30, in room 603 at SSE Riga.
The purpose of the meeting is to discover how the library can better serve the alumni community

     • One thing that would make you visit the library more frequently,
     • Update on issues from the last meeting,
     • "Tour" of new library tools and features,
     • Open discussion on what the alumni community wants from the library.

Please come with your ideas and your appetites, a light lunch will be served. 


We hope to see you there!
Monday, Apr 29
Join SSE Riga Paintball Tournament 2013 on May 18th!
SSE Riga Paintball Tournament is a great opportunity to engage with your former schoolmates and current students, while taking part in an exciting competition. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

The tournament will take place on Saturday, 18th of May in Jugland Paintball park (30 km from Riga city centre, here). It will start at 10.30 and is planned to last for 4 hours. In order to participate you have to form a team of 5 members. Please note that women as team members will bring bonus points. 

Registration is open till 11th of May and you can register your team here. Participation will be confirmed once the payment to the Student Association bank account is made. The fee is Ls 35 per team and it includes bullets, equipment, snacks and drinks.

Student Association’s bank account: 
     Rigas Ekonomikas Augstskolas Studentu Asociacija
     SWIFT Kods: HABALV22
     Konta Nr: LV28HABA000140J031719

Please make a notice in the transfer details: „For the paintball tournament. Team name” and send an e-mail to Markus Prommik ( when you have made the payment. You can also contact Markus in case of any questions regarding the tournament.

See you at the tournament!

Friday, Mar 15
1st World Latvian Economics and Innovations Forum on July 2-4
Latvian entrepreneurs and expatriates, as well as all seeking partnership and investment opportunities in Latvia are invited to participate in the first World Latvian Economics and Innovations Forum, which will take place in Riga on July 2-4, 2013.

The Forum will provide a great opportunity for:
>>> Networking and creating collaborative projects between representatives of various business fields in Latvia and elsewhere in the world;
>>> Engaging in dialogue with Latvian government officials, entrepreneurs, and expatriates on topics such as Latvia’s business environment, export capabilities and promoting foreign investment and innovation in Latvia;
>>> Creating a global cooperation network for Latvian entrepreneurs, expatriates and investors who want to build partnerships and contribute to the economic growth of the country.

For more information and registration visit:
Friday, Mar 15
Morten Hansen to speak about Eurozone in Tallinn on April 4
Alumni are invited to join an event organized by SSE Riga in cooperation with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia:
"Where is the Eurozone leading? … and what this means for Estonia"

Presenter – Professor Morten Hansen, Head of the Economics Department at SSE Riga

The event will take place on April 4, 2013 at 17.30 in Tallinn at Conference room A.H.Tammsaare in Meriton Grand Hotel on Paldiski mnt. 4. The discussion will be followed by an insight into the Executive MBA programme at SSE Riga and informal reception.

Register HERE!
Tuesday, Jan 15
Flights that contribute to scholarships
We would like to introduce you to the cherished idea of SSE Riga graduates - the company Baltic Ad Hoc Ltd., which has successfully operated in the tourism industry for over four years under the brand name FlyMeAway. The enterprise offers tours to exclusive destinations, which are otherwise impossible to reach without transfer. These flights are perfect for those who cannot afford to miss working hours and are ready to join the journey during the long weekends when Bank holidays are added.

In Spring 2013 FlyMeAway will organize flights to Lisbon, Bilbao, Naples and Capri during Easter break, and to Madrid and Iceland in May Celebrations. The tour to Madrid is going to be special this time - LVL 50 from every tour package sold will be donated to SSE Riga scholarship fund.

Those, who have an account in Swedbank, can easily book the flight directly on our homepage
Others are welcome to contact us via e-mail: or phone: +371 67626287
Wednesday, Nov 7
Change on Stage
November 10th, 15.00-17.00 @ Soros Auditorium

Going through SSE Riga is not only about learning economics and business, it is also about getting the right attitude and courage to do bold things. There is a number of alumni who have achieved great deeds outside the business and finance world, dared to put their careers on-hold or changed them dramatically to do something not related to the subjects taught at school. Among us there are pilots, travelers, marathoners and more. This Homecoming we will celebrate these stories full-on!

>>> Eiko Kivisik (Class of 2008) on learning to fly

>>> Gundega Tamane (Class of 2000) on living, working and traveling offshore

>>> Artūrs Veics (Class of 2006) on running well outside the comfort zone

>>> Dzintars Dreibergs (Class of 2002) on diving into unknown

>>> Deniss Kiselovs (Class of 2006) on letting there be light

See full description of the event here!

Are you ready for change? Join us!

For those of you who are not yet part of Facebook or LinkedIn, we are sure that it will be an interesting and useful experience. Joining is free. Click icons to continue.